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Tokyo will hold the Olympic Games in 2020! Just the night before the decision was announce, I was taking some shots of the Tokyo Tower. The wonderful thing about the Tokyo Tower is that it often changes its lightning according to special occasion. For the 2020 Games the building presented itself in the following colours:

Finally I made it! After years of taking pictures with a super handy compact camera I am now the proud owner of a brand new DSLR camera. And as soon as I unwrapped my beautiful Pentax K-30 (no Nikon, Canon or Sony…sorry guys) there was an imminent question in my mind. How do a I make this baby work and why does it have so many questions. I am pretty sure that you realize now: I am an absolute rookie. So for more than a week I was reading books about Pentax and DSLR in general. And of course I was exploring my backyard.

From the quality you will see that my lenses and my technique need much more improvement but hey nobody was born perfect, right! And I am kind of counting on the almighty Internet-community the give me tips and advices, so that one day I will take beautiful pictures.

So far, I concentrated on macro pictures and tried to take photos of the night sky (weeeell, more or less succeeded). However in a couple of days I will move to Japan and hope to capture more urban landscape.

Please feel free to advice, comment and criticize.


That are some of my favourite pictures of ‘Tokyo at night’. I took all of the photos myself but I experimented a little bit with a HDR-rendering program. I hope you will get a good impression of the Magic of Tokyo’s night life. (You can click on every picture for a bigger view)

Das sind meine lieblings Bilder von ‘Tokio in der Nacht’. Ich habe alle Fotos selber geschossen aber ich habe ein bisschen mit einem HDR-rendering Program rumexperimentiert. Ich hoffe ihr bekommt einen guten Eindruck von der Magie, die Tokio’s Nachtleben ausstrahlt. (Man kann auf jedes Bild klicken für eine größere Ansicht)

Shibuya at Night

Shibuya is probably the most crowded place in the world. Especially this particular crossing can be found in nearly every movie and documentary about Japan. It is just crazy to see the never ending masses of moving people especially at night.

Shibuya is wahrscheinlich der überfüllteste Ort in der Welt. Besonders diese Kreuzung can man in fast jedem Film oder Dokumentation über Japan wiederfinden. Es ist einfach verrückt die unendlichen Massen sich bewegender Menschen zu beobachten.

Tokyo Tower

The 333 meter tall tower has become one of the main symbols of Tokyo. It is nearly magical to see the full illuminated tower right in front of you.

Der 333 Meter große Turm ist zu einem der wichtigsten Symbole Tokios geworden. Es hat schon fast etwas magisches den complett erleuchteten Turm direkt vor einem zu sehen.


A little collection of my first impressions of Tokyo ( I know 3 weeks is not much but there are still some nice pictures)

Eine kleine Auswahl meiner ersten Eindrücke von Tokio (Ich weiß, dass 3 Wochen nicht so viel Zeit ist, aber es gibt schon ein paar nette Bilder)

(you can click on each picture for a bigger view – Man kann auf jedes Bild klicken um eine größere Ansicht zu erhalten)

Hello Kitty

Impossible to resist – Man kann einfach nicht wiederstehen.

My Neighbours/Meine Nachbarn

That are some of the crazy people who are living in the same building with me. There are many foreigners but also many Japanese.

Das sind einige der verrückten Leute, die in dem gleichen Gebäude wie ich wohnen. Hier sind viele Ausländer aber auch viele Japaner.