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It has been more than 9 months since Japan was hit by  the destructive triple disaster: earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima reactor blow. The large scale destruction had not only a huge impact on the affected regions but also on Japan as a whole.  Ten thousands of people were lost within one day. Some of the villages or cities were completely wiped out. And even after all the survivors were evacuated a new danger was threatening their lives: leaking radioactivity from one of the nuclear reactors. The tourism branch experiences a full blow caused by the fear of contamination. Regional products had to be destroyed, energy in the whole country had to be rationed and the political leadership had to restructure after massive critics about their crisis management.

Not really the best starting point for me to come to Japan! However I arrived more than 3 months ago in Japan and since then I am still alive. I live now in Tokyo, which is quite far away from the disaster site. That is why I am not worried at all about any radiation here. I just recently read a German article that found out that the general radiation levels in Berlin and New York are higher than in Tokyo. Also the energy is nearly completely restored all around the country.  I can however still notice that compared to 4 years ago (when I came the first time to Japan) most things like traffic lights, escalators, freezers etc. don’t speak as much to me as they did before. Also my student dorm and my University are still following energy saving programs and I can discover everywhere stickers that are telling me to switch of the light. (more…)

by Jan Tzschichhold

The Japanese earthquake, that killed tens of thousands of people and caused several nuclear meltdowns in the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, represented such a devastating and horrifying disaster that its impact reached out far beyond Japan. In particular one country on the other side of the World, more than 9000 km away seemed to be put up side down by the event in the far east. Mass-demonstrations, sale increases of ‘radiation blockers’ and a panic decision to shut down 7 nuclear plants are just a few reactions of Germany’s people and its government. And now the decision is final: Germany will be the first major industrialized country that will renounce nuclear energy. (more…)