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It has been a little while since I posted something; mainly because I left Gunma (a rural prefecture in Japan) to work again in Saitama (right next to Tokyo). Before I officially end the Chapter “Gunma” I want to post one last time some of the stunning sunset impression that I experienced there. There are not many places in Japan that paint the evening as colourful as this little prefecture

Gunma I’ll miss you (but only a little bit…)

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I promise you, you won’t find anything like that in Tokyo!!

Right now I am living in Gunma (群馬県). It feels like the whole prefecture is countryside. Gunma doesn’t have much but its sunsets are simply stunning. I usually finish work late at night, but whenever I get out of work a bit earlier (and on Sunday, my only day off) I am taking my camera with me and try to capture the beauty of Gunma’s sunsets.

Tokyo will hold the Olympic Games in 2020! Just the night before the decision was announce, I was taking some shots of the Tokyo Tower. The wonderful thing about the Tokyo Tower is that it often changes its lightning according to special occasion. For the 2020 Games the building presented itself in the following colours:

Finally I made it! After years of taking pictures with a super handy compact camera I am now the proud owner of a brand new DSLR camera. And as soon as I unwrapped my beautiful Pentax K-30 (no Nikon, Canon or Sony…sorry guys) there was an imminent question in my mind. How do a I make this baby work and why does it have so many questions. I am pretty sure that you realize now: I am an absolute rookie. So for more than a week I was reading books about Pentax and DSLR in general. And of course I was exploring my backyard.

From the quality you will see that my lenses and my technique need much more improvement but hey nobody was born perfect, right! And I am kind of counting on the almighty Internet-community the give me tips and advices, so that one day I will take beautiful pictures.

So far, I concentrated on macro pictures and tried to take photos of the night sky (weeeell, more or less succeeded). However in a couple of days I will move to Japan and hope to capture more urban landscape.

Please feel free to advice, comment and criticize.