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Germany is one of the biggest exporting nations in the World. In fact only China, with its 1.258 billion people more, has managed to produce and export more.  Every day we are surrounded by German goods: Cars from Mercedes, BMW or Audi, Medicine from Bayer, Technology from Siemens or Gummibears from Haribo. But beside of all these many different products and brands ‘made in Germany’ there is one export in particular, that can be found all around the World. Its success, rather than being based on its quality or technological level, is mainly based on its pure cultural and traditional German character. The export I am talking about is the German Christmas Market. (more…)


by Jan Tzschichhold

Everybody knows that there exist strong economic ties between China and Germany, the world’s top two exporters and respectively the second and fourth strongest economies in the world. Approximately 3 months ago, both countries signed deals worth more than $15 billion. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao set a target of doubling annual trade between the two countries by 2015. Historically, Germany’s relationship with China extended beyond solely economics, and this is still true today. There are various example of how German culture has impacted China and its population. (more…)