Entering the world of DSLR photography

Posted: July 23, 2013 in English, Vision
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Finally I made it! After years of taking pictures with a super handy compact camera I am now the proud owner of a brand new DSLR camera. And as soon as I unwrapped my beautiful Pentax K-30 (no Nikon, Canon or Sony…sorry guys) there was an imminent question in my mind. How do a I make this baby work and why does it have so many questions. I am pretty sure that you realize now: I am an absolute rookie. So for more than a week I was reading books about Pentax and DSLR in general. And of course I was exploring my backyard.

From the quality you will see that my lenses and my technique need much more improvement but hey nobody was born perfect, right! And I am kind of counting on the almighty Internet-community the give me tips and advices, so that one day I will take beautiful pictures.

So far, I concentrated on macro pictures and tried to take photos of the night sky (weeeell, more or less succeeded). However in a couple of days I will move to Japan and hope to capture more urban landscape.

Please feel free to advice, comment and criticize.



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