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The Atumn Term Newsletter 2011 of the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent features an article called “Spotlight on Internships” written by me. In the article I describe the experience I made during my Summer Internship at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy .

You can find the original document here (PAGE 3) together with a nice picture when I was 18…


by Jan Tzschichhold

During my first year of International Relations I thought it would be a good idea to do an internship. I thought that it would be important to gain some working experience, to learn practical skills and to get an insight on real work. And more than anything I thought that everybody would welcome me with open arms. I mean I was willing to work for several months, without any payment. Somebody surely must want me to work for them. I was so naïve…

In the beginning I wasn’t quite sure where to start. Where could a politics student do an internship? After hours of brainstorming I reached the point that every wannabe Intern will eventually reach: I tiped “Internship International relations” into Google. A whole new world opened up for me. A world so vast and full of information that it was quite difficult to find exactly what I was looking for. A world that was not only full of opportunities but also full of disappointment. Most internships were unavailable for first years. Students that want to start as early as possible to gain crucial experience that could help them on how to specify in their degree are often turned down straight away. Some organisations even only accept Master students, that have favourably already done a couple of years work experience. I tried to apply for some international organisations in Germany, but they did not want to employ Germans. When I applied for international organisations in England they turned me down because I wasn’t English. (more…)