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Japanese people love to play! When they want to spend time with you, they literately say “Let’s play” ( 遊びに行かない). This form of playfulness reaches a whole new level in Osaka, where a whole city seems to follow the rule of one Game “The Osaka Bang”. Apparently you can approach every random person and pretend to ‘shoot’ or ‘cut’ them. Many of them will react with a theatrical  performance of their own death. When I first heard this from my friends that been to Osaka, I couldn’t quite believe it. So I started asking my friends living in Osaka and they reaffirmed that this game actually exist. Finally I found this clip. Impressed from the whole story I had to upload the video here. Enjoy and let’s hope we will witness soon the emergence of a Berlin, London or New York ‘Bang’.

(Thanks to Pauline for showing me the Clip, and check out 1,44 min!!)

Japaner lieben es zu spielen! Wann immer sie Zeit mit dir verbringen wollen, sagen sie Wortwörtlich “Lass uns spielen” ( 遊びに行かない). Diese Form der Verspieltheit erreicht ein komplett neues Niveau in Osaka, wo anscheinend eine ganze Stadt den Regeln eines Spieles folgt: “Dem Osaka Bang”. Anscheinend kann man zu jeder zufälligen Person hingehen und so tun als wenn man sie ‘erschießt’ oder ‘durchschneidet’. Viele von ihnen reagieren mit einer theatralischen Performanz ihres eigenen Todes. Als ich das zum ersten Mal gehört habe, konnte ich es nicht so recht glauben. Also fragte ich meine Freunde, die in Osaka leben, und sie bestätigten mir, dass es das Spiel wirklich gibt. Und nun habe ich diesen Clip gefunden. Beeindruckt von der ganzen Geschichte, musste ich natürlich diese Video hochladen. Genießt es und ich hoffe wir werden bald alle Zeuge vom Erscheinen des Berlin, London oder New York ‘Bang’. 


Because of the epic and spectacular victory of the Japanese Women football team at the 2011 World Cup (I was really lucky to be in Germany at this time) and because I promised one of my friends to make this special article; here it comes: a Special about Japanese football!  

  • Japan is currently in the international FIFA ranking on rank 3 (women) and 19 (men)
  • The Japanese Football Association (JFA) was founded in 1921 – but the domestic media still call the sport soccer
  • The first worldwide popular association football-oriented Japanese animation (manga) series, Captain Tsubasa, was started in 1981. Captain Tsubasa was extremely popular among children (boys and girls) in Japan. Its success led to many more association football manga being written, and it played a great role in association football history in Japan. Captain Tsubasa has also inspired the likes of prominent footballers such as Hidetoshi Nakata, Seigo Narazaki, Zinedine Zidane, Francesco Totti, Fernando Torres, Christian Vieri, Giuseppe Sculliand Alessandro Del Piero to play association football and choose it as a career. (more…)

It has been more than 9 months since Japan was hit by  the destructive triple disaster: earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima reactor blow. The large scale destruction had not only a huge impact on the affected regions but also on Japan as a whole.  Ten thousands of people were lost within one day. Some of the villages or cities were completely wiped out. And even after all the survivors were evacuated a new danger was threatening their lives: leaking radioactivity from one of the nuclear reactors. The tourism branch experiences a full blow caused by the fear of contamination. Regional products had to be destroyed, energy in the whole country had to be rationed and the political leadership had to restructure after massive critics about their crisis management.

Not really the best starting point for me to come to Japan! However I arrived more than 3 months ago in Japan and since then I am still alive. I live now in Tokyo, which is quite far away from the disaster site. That is why I am not worried at all about any radiation here. I just recently read a German article that found out that the general radiation levels in Berlin and New York are higher than in Tokyo. Also the energy is nearly completely restored all around the country.  I can however still notice that compared to 4 years ago (when I came the first time to Japan) most things like traffic lights, escalators, freezers etc. don’t speak as much to me as they did before. Also my student dorm and my University are still following energy saving programs and I can discover everywhere stickers that are telling me to switch of the light. (more…)

This is a little collection of some of the best computer animated Short Films. They are separated into 4 different groups: Funny, Dark, Narrative and Visual Short Films. There exist many more and I would like to encourage everybody to add their favourite Short Films in the comment section. So now lean back, relax and enjoy…

Das ist eine kleine Sammlung der besten computeranimierten Kurzfilme. Sie sind in 4 verschiedene Gruppen unterteilt: Lustige, Dunkle, Erzählende und Visuelle Kurzfilme. Ich weiß, dass es noch viel mehr als die hier aufgeführten gibt und ich hoffe, dass ihr eure Lieblingskurzfilme in der Comment Box reinstellt. Und jetzt lehnt euch zurück, entspannt euch und genießt die flogenden Filme…

Funny Short Films

These clips are just a few minutes long. They have no deeper story and usually no language is necessary. These are the perfect Short Films for a feel-good moment.

Diese Clips sind meistens nur ein paar minuten lang. Sie haben keine tiefere Geschichte und es wird meistens auch nicht in ihnen Gesprochen. Es sind perfekte Kurzfilme für gewisse feel-good Momente. 


Oscar nominated Short Film, made in France.The story of 2 octopuses that try to safe each other from ending up in the bottom of the food chain.  (more…)

I just found this clip on Youtube and I could not stop smiling. It shows perfectly the many different faces of  Tokyo’ weirdness, with all its strange characters and people, who only want to break out of the daily monotony…

Ich habe grade erst diesen Youtube-clip gefunden und konnte einfach nicht aufhören zu grinsen. Der Clip zeigt fantastish die verschiedenen Gesichter von Tokios Verrücktheit, mit all seinen seltsamen Charakteren und Menschen, die einfach nur aus der täglichen Monotony ausbrechen wollen…

I just went to this really nice small festival (Matsuri) and I took some nice pictures and a little video clip. The Festival itself was not really big, but the atmosphere was so nice. They sold food everywhere and the people where so friendly. I really enjoyed myself there. But see yourself…

Tokyo at its best. This Video concentrates especially on Shibuya, the busiest part of Japan. Just watch it and find out the magic about Japan!