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This winter something very extraordinary happened in Japan…it snowed. While not being anything special in the North of the country, Tokyo barely sees more than an annual 5mm of this white magic. But instead of freaking out like most of my Japanese colleagues (who are able to have hour long conversations about the weather) I just enjoyed it!


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Having fun in the snow with my friends. Most of them have never seen that much snow in their whole life.

On the Left:

This years winner of the International Snow Sculpture Contest between 16 different Teams. The dragon sculpture was made by the Team Hong Kong and was in my opinion definitely the best one in the Contest

Right: The Ice-sculpture street. Hundreds of sculptures were displayed, most of them associated to local beer and alcohol companies (because that is what Sapporo is famous for and I have to admit the beer has a quite different taste here, compared to Tokyo)


What started as a simple competition between high school kids in the 1950’s has become one of the biggest Snow festivals in the world. Sixty years later the Yuki-Matsuri (Snow festival) in Sapporo, Hokkaido attracts every year more than 2 million people from all over the world. Fascinated from the idea to see gigantic sculptures made of snow and ice I went together with some friends all the way up
from Tokyo to the freezing cold Sapporo. And it was more than worth it!

Out of 400 different sculptures I choose a little selection of my favourite pictures. You can click on every picture to see it bigger.

Was als einfacher Wettkampf unter Schülern in den 50er Jahren anfing hat sich über die Jahre zu einem der größten Schneefestivals der Welt entwickelt. Sechzig Jahre später zieht das Yuki-Matsuri (Schneefestival) in Sapporo, Hokkaido, jährlich über 2 millionen Menschen aus der ganzen Welt an. Fasziniert von dem Gedanken gigantische Skulpturen aus Eis und Schnee zu sehen bin ich zusammen mit ein paar Freunden ins bitter kalte Sapporo geflogen. Und das war es wert!

Aus über 400 verschiedenen Skulpturen habe ich eine kleine Kollektion meiner lieblings Bilder ausgesucht. Man kann auf jedes Bild klicken, um es sich größer an zu schauen.

1. With Pauline in front of cute bears; 2. Dragons made of Ice; 3. Sculpture made by Hawaiians; 4. Giant Beer