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Wasedasai is probably one of the biggest events of the Waseda University. It is a cultural festival that was held on the first November Weekend. Many of the various Clubs and Societies in Waseda are preparing weeks, sometimes even months, before the actual festival in order to show good performances.  Some groups were holding for a whole week a pre-festival, where students could get already a little taster of what they can expect on the actual day.

So I went together with some of my friends on Saturday to the festival. I thought it would be less crowded in the morning but that was a mistake. Already on the way to the main campus I could witness endless masses of students moving towards Waseda. Once I got there my normal human walking-speed got reduced to a slow snail-walk. Everywhere were people and little stalls that were selling food. It is incredible how much different food was sold. From Spanish Churros to Arabien food and taco-balls. I made one huge mistake when I arrived in Waseda. I was wearing a bright red sweater that had the name of my hometown on it: BERLIN…. With this I became the new target of every ‘Frankfurter’ Sausage seller on Campus. And there were a lot of them. One stall finally could persuade me to buy a sausage from them. All the girls where screaming at me “Ich liebe dich!” and after I told them that the sausage is actually quite tasty the whole crown got mental and everybody was screaming “Buy our sausages, even the German says it is delicious” and they pointed all at me. (more…)


That’s an article I wrote for the website:

(The website is tries to show Japan from the foreigner’s point of view)

Being in Japan can be quite a cultural shock. Everything is so different, so big and crowded and especially in my case it can be very frustrating not being able to communicate properly, because of a lacking knowledge of Japanese. Many foreign students are therefore often sticking together with other foreigners, since it is easier to speak with them and they share the same feelings in the same situation and in some cases the lack of language can even cause a feeling of being completely alone in a city of 30 million people.

I believe that it is often necessary to have friends you can speak with and they actually understand every word, nonetheless I also believe that being in Japan means eventually also making Japanese friends. In the beginning it can be quite difficult, especially if one is shy or does not feel confident with his or her Japanese language skills. What helped me most when I arrived first at the Waseda University was one of the many international Clubs. Waseda International Club (WIC), Waseda International Festival (WIF) or Niji-No-Kai are just some of the many Clubs that were created in order to make it easy for foreign students to get in contact with Japanese people and Japanese culture. Many of the members can understand English very well but they will try to speak with you in Japanese as much as possible, what I think is a very great idea. Beside of the huge variety of international clubs, the University has even its own little event-department for foreign students, the ICC, that is organizing language exchanges, sport and cultural events and many more. I guarantee you that you will make some friends here. (more…)

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My 10-steps instruction of how a simple thing like printing one single page can turn into a 2 hours odyssey, where you will get to know nearly all of your campus and will make a lot of new friends!

Step 1: It is 10:30 and you want to print a page in your own dormitory, but the Internet doesn’t work. But hey, don’t worry you have to submit the paper by 1 o’clock (more then enough time) and you life next to your own University. So you decide to go to one of the many printing-places that are shown in your campus map!

Step 2: You arrive at the Building and everything is closed. You wonder what is going on and decide to go to another Building.

Step 3: After going the whole way up to the 6th floor you are standing outside of another closed Computer room. Confused as you are, you decide to go to the office and ask someone. There someone explains to you that there are only a few computer rooms open, because of the summer holidays. The nice and friendly person sends you to the closest available room which is on another building. (more…)


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The Waseda University is one of the most prestigious Universities in Japan. It was founded byShigenobu Okuma (left picture) in 1882 and is especially famous for its excellent School of Political Science and Economics. The University can look back on a variety of influential alumni including seven of Japan’s Prime Minister (Yushihiko Noda, the current Prime Minister is one of them). Waseda has more than 50,000 students and about 4,000 international students, but it seems that I am the only German one in my particular exchange program.

Die Waseda Universität is eine der renommiertesten Universitäten in Japan. Sie wurde 1882 von Shigenobu Okuma (linkes Bild) gegründet und ist besonders für ihre ausgezeichnete Schule für Politische Wissenschaften und Wirtschaft berühmt. Die Universität kann auf eine Vielzahl von einflussreichen Absolventen zurückblicken, einschließlich sieben Japanischer Primierminister (Yushihiko Noda, der amtierende Primierminister ist einer von ihnen). Waseda hat mehr als 50.000 Studenten und um die 4.000 internationale Studenten, aber es scheint, dass ich der einziege Deutsche in meinem besonderen Austauschprogramm bin.