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by Jan Tzschichhold

Everybody knows that there exist strong economic ties between China and Germany, the world’s top two exporters and respectively the second and fourth strongest economies in the world. Approximately 3 months ago, both countries signed deals worth more than $15 billion. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao set a target of doubling annual trade between the two countries by 2015. Historically, Germany’s relationship with China extended beyond solely economics, and this is still true today. There are various example of how German culture has impacted China and its population. (more…)

The journey – Die Reise

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The  journey was long but it was actually quite comfortable. I had my own little cabin in the train where I could sleep a bit. After a long flight I finally arrived in the 37 degrees hot Abu Dhabi.

Die Reise war zwar lange aber eigentlich auch ziemlich angenehm. Ich hatte meine eigene kleine Kabine im Zug  in der ich schlafen konnte. Nach einem langen Flug bin ich denn endlich im 37 Grad warmen Abu Dhabi angekommen.