ME“Global Echos” is a platform where I can share my Ideas and Experiences with others. By describing weird, funny or interesting things that have happened to me I hope I can encourage others to join me and to contribute with their own thoughts and experiences. 

When I started this blog 2 years ago I was just about to do my year abroad in Japan. Many articles from this time reflect what I felt as a German studying in Japan. I also wrote many articles in German, in order to allow my friends and family in Germany to understand my new life.

This year I finally graduated from the University of Kent (England) with a BA in International Relations. I will now start a whole new life by going once again back to Japan. This time however not as a student but as an employee.

Thus Global Echos will now concentrate more on the Japanese working life from a foreigners perspective. It is important to mention that I DON’T teach but I will work at a Car-parts manufacturer. My experience will therefore differ quite a lot from many foreigners who are teaching English in Japan.

Apart of my work live, I will also use the blog for  photos that I am taking with my DSLR and I will try to keep up writing articles about the Japanese society. If I should be able to travel (with only 10 days vacation time I highly doubt it) I will also post my travel experience.

I am looking forward to YOUR contribution. Don’t hesitate to contact, comment or criticise. 



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