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Sometimes you are just opening your yoghurt or jam-cup in the early morning, and there it is:

Your first Vision of the Day

There is no Japanese summer without Cicadas!

Here there are flying giants making such  strong noise that you barely hear the birds. When one of these monster Insects found the way into my apartment I could not refrain from taking some shots. So here they are my first Macro-shots from Japan…More will follow!

This will be the last post for a little while. On Tuesday I will move to Japan to start a “new Life” there. So it will probably take some time until I have time to post new pictures or stories. However in order to make the waiting more bearable I share with you some special macro pictures. Me and my friend Elisa went on a little garden-safari. We ‘discovered’ many different wild creatures but one animal in particular turned out to be quite photogenic. Enjoy the close-ups of the most terrible and horrifying creature in the whole of Germany: The SPIDER

Dies wird der letzte Eintrag für eine kleine Weile sein. Am Dienstag werde ich nach Japan “umsiedeln” um dort mein neues Leben anzufangen. Es wird deshalb ein bisschen dauern bis ich wieder Zeit für neue Fotos oder Geschichten haben werde. Nichts desto trotz möchte ich euch das Warten noch ein bisschen erleichtern und hab deshalb ganz besondere Makro Bilder hochgeladen. Ich und meine Freundin Elisa sind auf eine kleine Garten-Safari gegangen. Wir haben viele wilde Kreaturen endecken können, aber ein Tier war besonders fotogen. Lehnen Sie sich zurück und genießen sie die Nahaufnahmen der schrecklichsten und furchteinflößesten Kreatur Deutschlands: Die SPINNE

Tokyo Skyline

From today a new Photo Gallery on Global Echos will make it much easier to access most of my photos. The Gallery is divided in two sections. In the section Photo Projects I will show you the newest shots from my DSLR. It will include Macros, Nightshots, Lanscapes and anything arty. Travel Pictures on the other hand gives an overview of the best photos that I took while I was travelling. Have a look at both Galleries and tell me what you think.

Photo Projects

Photo Projects

Vom heutigen Tag and gibt es eine neue Foto Gallerie auf Global Echos, welch es viel einfacher machen wird, sich Fotos anzugucken. Die Gallerie ist in zwei Sektionen unterteilt. In Photo Projects könnt ihr euch die neuesten Fotos meiner Spiegelreflex Kamera angucken. Diese Sektion beinhaltet unteranderem Makros, Nachtaufnahmen, Lanschaftsfotografien und alles künstlerische. Auf der anderen Seite zeigt die Rubrik Travel Pictures die besten Fotos, die ich auf Reisen geschossen habe. Guckt euch beide Galerien an und sagt mir was ihr denkt.

Finally I made it! After years of taking pictures with a super handy compact camera I am now the proud owner of a brand new DSLR camera. And as soon as I unwrapped my beautiful Pentax K-30 (no Nikon, Canon or Sony…sorry guys) there was an imminent question in my mind. How do a I make this baby work and why does it have so many questions. I am pretty sure that you realize now: I am an absolute rookie. So for more than a week I was reading books about Pentax and DSLR in general. And of course I was exploring my backyard.

From the quality you will see that my lenses and my technique need much more improvement but hey nobody was born perfect, right! And I am kind of counting on the almighty Internet-community the give me tips and advices, so that one day I will take beautiful pictures.

So far, I concentrated on macro pictures and tried to take photos of the night sky (weeeell, more or less succeeded). However in a couple of days I will move to Japan and hope to capture more urban landscape.

Please feel free to advice, comment and criticize.