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It’s been now about half a year since my last update and I have to say, balancing work, live and on top a blog is a tough thing!

BUT, I AM BACK (once again). Und ich bin gekommen um zu bleiben…

And a fresh start requires a new perspective: I give you Paris and my favourite impressions from my little trip to this beautiful place.


This winter something very extraordinary happened in Japan…it snowed. While not being anything special in the North of the country, Tokyo barely sees more than an annual 5mm of this white magic. But instead of freaking out like most of my Japanese colleagues (who are able to have hour long conversations about the weather) I just enjoyed it!


I can’t believe another year is over. Time is truly running away from me, but at least my pictures will remind me of what I have seen and achieved. This will be my last entry in 2013. I will finish with a few pictures about magical Christmas in Tokyo. I wish you all lovely holidays and I hope to see you next year again…

To be honest I was a bit too late! Most of the leaves were already gone; but I think I still got a few nice shots. That’s the beauty that only mother nature can bring us…

It has been a little while since I posted something; mainly because I left Gunma (a rural prefecture in Japan) to work again in Saitama (right next to Tokyo). Before I officially end the Chapter “Gunma” I want to post one last time some of the stunning sunset impression that I experienced there. There are not many places in Japan that paint the evening as colourful as this little prefecture

Gunma I’ll miss you (but only a little bit…)

You want to see more? Check out my other sunset pictures: click here!

Sometimes you are just opening your yoghurt or jam-cup in the early morning, and there it is:

Your first Vision of the Day

I promise you, you won’t find anything like that in Tokyo!!

Right now I am living in Gunma (群馬県). It feels like the whole prefecture is countryside. Gunma doesn’t have much but its sunsets are simply stunning. I usually finish work late at night, but whenever I get out of work a bit earlier (and on Sunday, my only day off) I am taking my camera with me and try to capture the beauty of Gunma’s sunsets.