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Having fun in the snow with my friends. Most of them have never seen that much snow in their whole life.

On the Left:

This years winner of the International Snow Sculpture Contest between 16 different Teams. The dragon sculpture was made by the Team Hong Kong and was in my opinion definitely the best one in the Contest

Right: The Ice-sculpture street. Hundreds of sculptures were displayed, most of them associated to local beer and alcohol companies (because that is what Sapporo is famous for and I have to admit the beer has a quite different taste here, compared to Tokyo)



Wasedasai is probably one of the biggest events of the Waseda University. It is a cultural festival that was held on the first November Weekend. Many of the various Clubs and Societies in Waseda are preparing weeks, sometimes even months, before the actual festival in order to show good performances.  Some groups were holding for a whole week a pre-festival, where students could get already a little taster of what they can expect on the actual day.

So I went together with some of my friends on Saturday to the festival. I thought it would be less crowded in the morning but that was a mistake. Already on the way to the main campus I could witness endless masses of students moving towards Waseda. Once I got there my normal human walking-speed got reduced to a slow snail-walk. Everywhere were people and little stalls that were selling food. It is incredible how much different food was sold. From Spanish Churros to Arabien food and taco-balls. I made one huge mistake when I arrived in Waseda. I was wearing a bright red sweater that had the name of my hometown on it: BERLIN…. With this I became the new target of every ‘Frankfurter’ Sausage seller on Campus. And there were a lot of them. One stall finally could persuade me to buy a sausage from them. All the girls where screaming at me “Ich liebe dich!” and after I told them that the sausage is actually quite tasty the whole crown got mental and everybody was screaming “Buy our sausages, even the German says it is delicious” and they pointed all at me. (more…)

Seeing the German President and the Japanese Crown Prince –

Ich war am Sonntag auf einem deutschen Fest in Tokio. Zusammen mit ein zwei japanischen und taiwanesischen Freunden, die alle sehr gut Deutsch sprächen können, hab ich mir ein wenig deutsche Kultur angeguckt. Auf dem Fest waren auch Bundespräsident Wulff und der japanische Kronprinz Naruhito.

I saw the German President and the Japanese crown prince Naruhito on a German Festival in Tokyo.



I just went to this really nice small festival (Matsuri) and I took some nice pictures and a little video clip. The Festival itself was not really big, but the atmosphere was so nice. They sold food everywhere and the people where so friendly. I really enjoyed myself there. But see yourself…