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by Carmen Cuesta Roca

(I asked Carmen when she stayed in Berlin what her best Memory of Berlin is: that is what she told me…)

It would be impossible for me to sum up all my memories of Berlin in one paragraph, so I am choosing just one that stands out. I’ve chosen it not because it was necessarily the best moment, nor the craziest story of my stay, but because when I experienced it, I thought to myself, „This is it. This is Berlin, and how I will remember it forever. The moment was a Sunday afternoon spent at Mauerpark, one of Berlin’s most famous flea markets. It resides on a street once separated by the Berlin Wall, but today, it is a completely different picture: one of multicultrality, of freedom and of pure happiness. Sitting on the step, with the (in)famous karaoke in full swing, beer in hand, the sun shining and the Fernsehturm glistening on the horizon, I realised how much everyone, myself included, loves the city. Those who were daring enough to brave the microphone all sang their songs, and whether they voiced it or not, it was clear who their songs were dedicated to. Berlin. Berlin, you have given me so much joy, and although vowing never to sing karaoke again after a blurry incident back at uni, I am tempted to (forgetting how much I resemble a strangled cat) sing my heart out for you…

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Berlin is a city of extremes, where  underground flair meets big business and German localism meets the international stage. Precisely because of these interesting contradictions  Berlin has become one of the most important hotbeds for artists and musicians in Germany.  A typical product of this extra ordinary city is the Band Seeed. The 11 members strong group incorporates everything that is so special about Berlin and knows how to put it in their songs. With their fresh and creative sound Seeed  combines the English and the German language as well as successfully managing to mix different  musical styles such as Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall. It is therefore no accident that the song that made Seeed famous in the whole of Germany(and even beyond) is a homage to the city that made them: Berlin