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Only one month in 4 different countries is definitely not enough to get a very deep insight into each society and to fully understand its people. But even though I could only scratch on the surface of the interesting and often very mysterious cultures of these four East Asian countries I still managed to meet many extraordinary and fascinating people.  Each one of them very different from each other but at the same time they were united by the deep kindness that they showed towards me. In fact I did not only managed to see around 15 of my friends in their own countries but I was also lucky enough to have a home and family to stay with at nearly every place I went. This gave me the possibility to get a deeper insight into the culture, family-life and traditions, which I would never have had as a normal tourist. Instead of following the normal “Lonely Planet” tour route like everybody else, I had local experts that showed me their favourite restaurants, temples and places and introduced me to many new even more interesting people.

My whole journey started in Bangkok, which is like a massive ants nest. People are everywhere: on the pedestrian, the street, the water…just everywhere; and you are in the middle of them, like a little lost bug that doesn’t really belong to the others. What impressed me the most about Bangkok is the ability of the people to communicate with foreigners. Living in Japan, a country with one of the highest educational standards in the World, it can be sometimes very hard, even in Tokyo, to get along without Japanese knowledge. Even though Japanese study a lot of English in school, the majority is incapable of communicate properly in the World language. In Bangkok on the other side people have realised that they can make a lot of money by dealing with foreigners. Many of these  ‘uneducated’  cheap workers in Thailand can therefore speak why much better English than the high paid, well-educated Salary Man in Japan. A fact that was striking me. In Bangkok itself I had probably the deepest conversation with a Tailor from Nepal, who was making a Suit for me. Beside of the fact that he made an excellent suit it was also interesting to hear his reasons for coming to Thailand and to see his passion for Bollywood movies.



I made it: One month of travelling in 4 different countries in Asia  (Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and China) lies behind me. It was probably the most fascinating and interesting journey that I have ever done. I experienced so much and took so many pictures that I could easily write for a whole month about all the extraordinary places and people I have seen. And to be honest that is also exactly what I am going to do! Instead of writing for each country one specific article I thought I could rather write many different country comparisons, which will concentrate on one particular topic.

Ich habe es geschafft: Ein Monat des Reisens in vier verschiedenen asiatischen Ländern (Thailand, Taiwan, Korea und China) liegt nun hinter mir. Es war wahrscheinlich die faszinierendste und interessanteste Reise, die ich jemals unternommen habe. Ich habe so viel erlebt und habe so viele Fotos geschossen, dass ich für einen ganzen Monat über all die außergewöhnlichen Orte und Menschen, die ich gesehen habe, schreiben könnte. Und um ehrlich zu sein, das ist auch genau das, was ich machen werde! Anstatt jedoch über jedes Land einen einzelnen Bericht zu schreiben, dachte ich mir es wäre besser verschiedenen Ländervergleiche zu schreiben, die sich auf ein bestimmtes Thema spezialisieren.

My main topics will be:

  1. Cities and Skylines – where I will compare the main character of the Cities (Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul, Macau and Hongkong)
  2. People and Stereotypes – probably one of the most interesting part since I met many very unusual people
  3. Temples and Churches – which will illustrate the the variety and beauty of Asian’s religious places
  4. Food and Drinks –  no Asian report would be complete without an overview of the regional cuisine