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One benefit of working in the Japanese Car-industry is that you get to see a lot of very nice cars. Right now for example Tokyo hosts a massive Motor Show, with many new cars from Japan and the world. So my boss gave me a ticket and the day off in order to “educate myself about the newest trends”. And since most of you probably won’t have the chance to see the Tokyo Motor Show yourself, I thought I share some of my impressions with you.

Die Arbeit in der japanischen Autoindustrie hat den Vorteil, dass man eine Menge wunderschöner Autos zu sehen bekommt. Im Moment ist Tokyo zum Beispiel Schauplatz einer riesigen Motorshow, mit vielen neuen Autos von Japan und der ganzen Welt. Aus diesem Grund gab mir mein Chef ein Ticket und den Tag frei „um mich über die neuesten Trends weiterzubilden“. Und da die meisten von euch wahrscheinlich keine Chance haben selbst zur Tokyo Motor Show zu gehen, dachte ich mir, dass ich einige meiner Impressionen mit euch teile.

I saw old cars, new cars, big cars and super tiny cars; family cars, transporter cars, sport cars, racing cars; cars running on fuel and millions of electric cars; many Japanese cars and lots of German cars (French cars too, but hey who cares, they are French); cars in every possible colour, shape and even material (one had a skin made of Jeans),  cars standing still, spinning around and even cars hanging from the walls; cars that looked like Motorbikes, Motorbikes that looked like cars, toys in the shape of cars and cars in the shape of toys; and on top of that all lots of sexy girls(Believe me even a booth advertising tires became super crowded once a cute little Japanese model was standing next to them.) So yeah; all in all the perfect place for grown up boys!


Testing the products...

Testing the products…

When I arrived a month ago in Japan I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was: I am going to work at a Japanese company, for many many years! After a 3 days long special introduction to the company I finally met the other new employees that entered the company the same year. I received a super warm welcome from everybody and despite starting 4 months later than them they made me feel like being a part of the family from my very first day. Thanks to their help, support and patience, especially regarding my very low Japanese understanding, I was able to master all the challenges of my first month and actually enjoyed it quite a lot.

Als ich vor mehr als einem Monat in Japan ankam, hatte ich noch keine Ahnung was mich erwarten würde. Ich wusste nur: Ich werde in einer japanischen Firma arbeiten, und das für viele viele Jahre! Nach einer 3 Tage langen Einführung in das Unternehmen, konnte ich endlich die anderen Neuankömmlinge, die auch dieses Jahr anfangen, kennen lernen. Alle hießen mich herzlichst willkommen und obwohl sie schon 4 Monate vor mir angefangen haben, gaben sie mir sofort das Gefühl ein Teil der neuen Familie zu sein. Nur dank ihrer Hilfe, Unterstützung und Geduld, vor allem im Zusammenhang mit meinem schlechten Japanisch-Verständnis, war ich in der Lage den ersten Monat erfolgreich zu überstehen und sogar zu genießen.

All in all the first month felt like being back at school. Every day we received lectures about various topics, ranging from “Japanese Business Manner” to “The 7 Ways of Success” and even one lecture on “How to read a Newspaper properly”. Since they were all held in Japanese my biggest challenge was to make an interested looking face even if I only understood fractures of what was going on and never to fall asleep. So basically just like University.