Rescue Mission: Pigeon

Posted: August 15, 2013 in English, Kaffeeklatsch
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Baby Pigeon

Baby Pigeon

What are you doing when you discover a little pigeon baby on your balcony and you have to protect it against your ‘evil’ landlord?

About 2 Weeks ago when I first moved in my new apartment in Japan, me and my housemate realised that we had a daily visitor, who was a quite noisy pigeon. Apart of doing big business all over our balcony it was also waking us up every morning with its “gurr gurr guuuur guuuur”. So we complained to our landlord.

Then 3 days ago we found a little nest with one egg in it. My housemate wanted me to throw it in the trash but I was a bit unsure, so I left the decision for the next day…when it was already too late.

New Nest

New Nest

So now we had a little baby bird, a mommy pigeon that was noisier than ever, a super dirty balcony and a landlord, who wanted to finish it all (my housemate kind of too). In a surprise push forward I decided to clean the balcony and build a second nest in a tree nearby.  I know you are not supposed to touch/move a birds nest, but under the circumstance I didn’t have much choice. 2 hours and 4 kg of pigeon poo later I finally managed to bring the little chick in its new home. The mom was watching me the whole time so I am pretty sure she will find it. I will also check on it in the coming days. Japan life really is an adventure…fingers crossed everything works out!


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