Conquering East Asia

Posted: March 4, 2012 in English, Wanderlust
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Tomorrow I will leave Japan for an exciting odyssey that will lead me straight to the borders of the Asian continent; to places full of exotic animals and even more exotic people, where every day could be my last one… Ok, that might now sound a little bit too dramatic. To be honest my biggest fear is probably that either me or my luggage will get lost somewhere, but that’s about it.

Right now I am just happy that finally, after endless hours of preparation, in which I had to coordinate the places I want to go, the friends I can stay with and the Airlines I have to take (which was actually the biggest struggle), I am ready to go. Instead of packing all my stuff, I actually had enough time to make this super fancy Hallo-Kitty Animation about all the countries I am going to go. As you can see there are actually not that many, but I thought it is better to stay a bit longer at each place rather than rushing through it.

I will start with Bangkok, where I will meet up with my parents. Apparently Japan is too far away from Germany, which is why my parents refused to visit me in Tokyo. But for whatever reason Thailand is just about right for them, so they decided to go there for holidays. And since I am the best son in the world I gave up on reasoning with them and decided to see my parents at least for a couple of days in Thailand.

After this I will go to Taiwan. Here I will spend 10 days discovering the small Island and hopefully also Taipei’s night-life together with some of my Taiwanese friends. From Taiwan I will head to Korea where I spend my time in Jeonju and Seoul with some Korean friends from my University. Finally I will hopefully (you never know) make it to Macau and Hong Kong where I stay with some of my former workmates.

I charged my Ipod with new music and got tour guides and a couple of books for the journey. I feel ready and can’t wait to leave tomorrow. Within this month I will be unable to update my Blog since I will be rather busy ‘Conquering East Asia’ and writing tons of post cards. However as soon as I am back you can be sure that I will upload many new pictures and write many new articles about everything I saw and experienced. So please be patient and cross fingers that I will come back in one piece. (If you should get really really bored you can check out some of my old articles, I am sure you will find something interesting there…)

  1. elfenokster says:

    Have a good time!=) “See” you soon=)

  2. Rooki says:

    I am waitig for you ;- ) in Bangkok.

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