Sapporo Snow Festival Part II

Posted: February 11, 2012 in English, Wanderlust
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Click here to see Part I

Having fun in the snow with my friends. Most of them have never seen that much snow in their whole life.

On the Left:

This years winner of the International Snow Sculpture Contest between 16 different Teams. The dragon sculpture was made by the Team Hong Kong and was in my opinion definitely the best one in the Contest

Right: The Ice-sculpture street. Hundreds of sculptures were displayed, most of them associated to local beer and alcohol companies (because that is what Sapporo is famous for and I have to admit the beer has a quite different taste here, compared to Tokyo)

A giant sculpture of the Indian Taj Mahal. During the day we watch a beautiful performance of Indian dancers. The highlight of the show was when the male Indian dancers went into the audience and tried dancing with Japanese tourists. Also one of my friends used the chance to gain new Bollywood skills.
That was the 63. Sapporo Snow Festival…maybe next year again!
  1. Rev. Josh says:

    I went to the Yuki Matsuri in 2010 and loved it. So much snow. These snow sculptures look as good as always!

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