Japenglish – funny Japanese interpretation of English

Posted: February 5, 2012 in English, Kaffeeklatsch
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A little collection of funny English that can be found all over Japan.

You better watch out, these Zombie-Birds just won’t die…




Yeah, that’s a statement that I support completely



Sorry, what? If they don’t sell, just change your marketing strategy!



Children be careful, Japanese museums are very very dangerous!



One what? One PIECE ??? No wait it’s One PEACE… wait, now I got lost



I dare them not to let me in with my bows and arrows! And what should Bob the Builder do, if he can’t get his dangerous screwdriver in??



Well, not with this grammar!



Now I understand why Samurai were so strong, they had this special HERVY armor





Thanks for this little “space of relaxation” – I nearly forgot that I am on a public toilet, surrounded by people that are having a sh….

More funny Japanglish can you find on: http://www.engrish.com

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