This is a little collection of some of the best computer animated Short Films. They are separated into 4 different groups: Funny, Dark, Narrative and Visual Short Films. There exist many more and I would like to encourage everybody to add their favourite Short Films in the comment section. So now lean back, relax and enjoy…

Das ist eine kleine Sammlung der besten computeranimierten Kurzfilme. Sie sind in 4 verschiedene Gruppen unterteilt: Lustige, Dunkle, Erzählende und Visuelle Kurzfilme. Ich weiß, dass es noch viel mehr als die hier aufgeführten gibt und ich hoffe, dass ihr eure Lieblingskurzfilme in der Comment Box reinstellt. Und jetzt lehnt euch zurück, entspannt euch und genießt die flogenden Filme…

Funny Short Films

These clips are just a few minutes long. They have no deeper story and usually no language is necessary. These are the perfect Short Films for a feel-good moment.

Diese Clips sind meistens nur ein paar minuten lang. Sie haben keine tiefere Geschichte und es wird meistens auch nicht in ihnen Gesprochen. Es sind perfekte Kurzfilme für gewisse feel-good Momente. 


Oscar nominated Short Film, made in France.The story of 2 octopuses that try to safe each other from ending up in the bottom of the food chain. 


Very simplistic computer animated Short Film, witch got a huge fan community on youtube. See it untill the end, it is worth it!

This way up

It’s a longer Short Film with a lot of dark humour in it. The Film was also nominated for an oscar. 

Partly Cloudy

Very cute Pixar movie about Friendship and the place where babies come from. 

Cat’s Meow

We all know that it is impossible to win against a cat…why even bother trying?

For the Birds

I wonder who the guys from Pixar had in mind, when they made this little Short Film.

La Dama y La muerte

This spanish Short film is (similar to ‘this way up’) full of dark humour and irony. It was also nominated for an oscar. 

Pigeon: Impossible

I have no idea how you can come up with such a story but I love it, especially the animation of the Pigeon. 

Dark Short Films

The following clips are not really horror but they are much darker in than the previous. The language understanding is necessary.

Die kommenden Filme können nicht wirklich als Horror bezeichnet werden, aber sie sind schon viel düsterer als die Vorheriegen. Auch hier sind keine Sprachkenntnisse erforderlich. 

The Passanger

This computer animated Short Film is so strange and so good at the same time. It definitely puts you into a horror mood. 


Alma seems to be a typical nice Short Film, but the end is quite twisted and sad.

Fallen Art
The polnish Short Film Fallen Art is a critique on the Military and the Government. It is very weird and not everybody will like it. 

Narrative Short Films

These Clips rely on a deeper Storyline and it is essential to understand English.

Diese Film haben eine tiefe Storyline und es ist deshalb nötig Englisch zu verstehen.

Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty

One of the most amazing Short Films. You have to love the Granny. This is how Disney should have done it in the first place.

Get out

Very intelligent French Film, that has a completely unexpected end. In French with english subtitles. 

The Chubb Chubbs

This Short Film produced by Sony is basically making fun of the whole Sci-Fi genre. Partly quite funny. 

Final Flight of the Osiris

The first and only computer animated Short Film of the ‘Animatrix’, a collection of 9 Short Films around the Matrix-universe. I also highly recommend to watch ‘The Second Renaissance’ Part One and Two. They are my favourite Anime.  

Visual Short Films

The last two Short Films are made by a German Company. They are so amazing because of their visual effects and the way they are conceptualized.

Die letzen beiden Kurzfilme wurden von einer deutschen Marketingfirma produziert. Ihre visuellen Effekte und Konzept machen sie so besonders.


Robot Snails: do I really have to say more?


Never was the daily struggle between a Spider and its victim that visual impressive.

I hope you enjoyed this little collection and please tell us which one you like the most or if you maybe have a completely different favourite Short Film.

Ich hoffe euch hat diese kleine Sammlung gefallen und bitte sagt uns welcher Kurzfilm euch am meisten gefallen hat, oder ob ihr vielleicht einen ganz anderen Lieblingsfilm habt.

  1. Maggie Leon Garcia says:

    OMG!!! You just made my sunday afternoon sooooooo entertaining!!!! I loved the collection!!!!! Soooo great. I loved Partly Cloudy (although I had already seen it, but it was nice to see it again), I almost cried =..S. Kiwi is so cute (I actually googled it, you were right it has a lot of fans)… Loved “This way up”- poor guys hahaha. Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty SOOOOOO GREAT!!!!!! I wish my granny tell stories this way hahaha… It would help me sleep through the night hahahah Cat’s Meow!!! Totally loved it!!!!!! Any similarity with reality, is pure coincidence =D… The Passanger really put me in horror mood (FYI I had the lights off, SO NOT COOL hahaha). Fallen Art really didn’t get it (I should google for meaning)…Alma it blew my mind, quite twisted. LOVED the lady of La Dama y La muerte, so cute = ). The end of Get out soooo unexpected!!!! Really smart!!!! Loved the comedy in The Chubb Chubbs hahaha. Final Flight of the Osiris was good, although I’m not a Matrix fan (YES…I know I’m weird !!!) Great visuals of the last two.

    So Thanks Jan, such a great collection ;D. Hope UR ok =D

  2. Hahaha, You actually already watched all of them. I have to agree on every point you made (but I just cannot understand how you cannot be a Matrix fan 😛 ) There is sooo much love in every movie. Quite amazing. If you have another Short film that you can recommend let me know, I am always looking for new stuff….

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