International Festival in Waseda

Posted: November 6, 2011 in English, Wanderlust
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Wasedasai is probably one of the biggest events of the Waseda University. It is a cultural festival that was held on the first November Weekend. Many of the various Clubs and Societies in Waseda are preparing weeks, sometimes even months, before the actual festival in order to show good performances.  Some groups were holding for a whole week a pre-festival, where students could get already a little taster of what they can expect on the actual day.

So I went together with some of my friends on Saturday to the festival. I thought it would be less crowded in the morning but that was a mistake. Already on the way to the main campus I could witness endless masses of students moving towards Waseda. Once I got there my normal human walking-speed got reduced to a slow snail-walk. Everywhere were people and little stalls that were selling food. It is incredible how much different food was sold. From Spanish Churros to Arabien food and taco-balls. I made one huge mistake when I arrived in Waseda. I was wearing a bright red sweater that had the name of my hometown on it: BERLIN…. With this I became the new target of every ‘Frankfurter’ Sausage seller on Campus. And there were a lot of them. One stall finally could persuade me to buy a sausage from them. All the girls where screaming at me “Ich liebe dich!” and after I told them that the sausage is actually quite tasty the whole crown got mental and everybody was screaming “Buy our sausages, even the German says it is delicious” and they pointed all at me.

I also enjoyed a lot of the program. Half-naked students wrestling on one stage, japanese yakuza pantomimes, that were dancing the robot,  a comedian group, that tried to talk with the spirit of the Waseda founder Okuma Shigenobu (to be honest I didn’t understand any of their jokes) and a Jazz band, that played American traditional music. The festival attracted also some members of the very famous girl-band AKB 48. For everyone who does not know them: AKB 48 is not the latest version of the best-selling machine gun AK 47 (even though the band is probably responsible for nearly the same amount of human victims) but I am talking about the very famous girl band, whose members can be found, posing half naked, on nearly every J-pop magazine. Unfortunately I was unable to get a ticket so I had to oppress my girly kawaii feelings for a whole day.

Luckily Waseda became on Sunday the stage for another very famous group called YMT56, which is basically a cover band that is dancing the same moves, wearing the same dresses but all the members are big, bad and very hairy guys. I will probably never figure out, if these young men are actually making fun about AKB 48 or if they show their admiration  in a very wired Japanese way.

Anyway, beside of this there were also various other traditional, international and modern performances. Especially the Street-basketball competition was surprisingly entertaining. And I also enjoyed the many international dances, that were performed by the Waseda International Festival Club.

All in all I had a lot of fun and I can only suggest to everybody: Go next year (again)!!!

  1. Rooki says:

    Tolles Fest. Und die Menschen sehen immer so glücklich und zufrieden aus… 😉

  2. Maggie Leon Garcia says:

    Woooooaaaa I want to gooooooo!!! Hahahaha So bad you didn’t see AKB 48 =( Really cool band (in their own way) =D It seems you had a lot of fun this weekend !!!!

  3. Maggie Leon Garcia says:

    I googled YMT56!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahah Quite similar that AKB 48 haha

  4. Maggie Leon Garcia says:

    You can’t tell the difference hahaha

  5. garrymoore says:

    hi to all globalechos.wordpress.comers this is my first post and thought i would say a big hello to yous –
    speak soon

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