A new hope for the Dark Empire – Germany’s increasing popularity in the 21st Century

Posted: August 11, 2011 in English, Realpolitik
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Germany is the country with the most positive influence in the World. This surprising statement is the result of the BBC World Service Country Rating Poll that interviewed more than 28,000 people all around the world. Finally, after endless decades of Hitler and World War II associations it seems that Germany has successfully replaced its image of the “Dark Empire” with a new perception of positivity. People actually start believing that Germans are no longer the goose step walking, power seeking, heartless killing machines from 65 years ago. They have become the nice guys, that are always on time, produce good cars and have a weakness for good old Lederhosen and Wurst.

This marvellous image change is, of course, the result of many varying reasons. Germany for example has become one of the major “Make Love, Not War” nations on the planet, that tries to pacify the whole world whilst keeping its nose out of any possible trouble or conflict. Furthermore, Germany, different to its “evil” twin brother Japan, managed to make up with its neighbours. A close relationship with an avalanche of kisses and hugs like Sarkozy and Merkel are use to exchanging is probably quite unlikely for the leaders of China and Japan. And please don’t let us forget the most important gift that Germany gave to the World: Football! Not just the boring, traditional sport, but a whole new celebration of life, that was never be seen before.

The key strategy of Germany’s international PR campaign however, is even more creative then all the other policies mentioned before and is reminiscent somehow of the old “we are going to take over the world” times. Every year an Army of millions of Germans floods out of Germany, all over the world. Tourist, volunteers, au pairs, immigrants, exchange students and many more are leaving Germany in order to discover a whole new world. Everyone of them is a crucial part of the new popularity campaign of Germany. No other nation on the planet takes as many trips abroad and spends as much money outside its own country as Germans do. Nearly 60 billion Euros are spent every year abroad. Germany is literally buying its way straight to the hearts and minds of all the other nations that are happy to deal with drunken, sunburnt Germans, as long as they pay enough.

Exchange students and volunteers are also an important weapon in the arsenal of Germany’s image building process. Few other countries can even come close to the amount and variety of state sponsored programs that Germany has to offer. Independently of the usefulness and expertise of thousands of unqualified teenage volunteers in developing countries, the German Government is practising Nation Branding at its best. It is sending all these mini cost-efficient ambassadors to regions where most of the people have never seen a German in real life before. Once the “volunteer” has settled in, he will eventually talk to other people, make friends and spread the word about the mysterious land called Germany. This form of subtle representation combined with the positive image of helping and caring is the reason why Germany is becoming more and more popular in other nations. Only if you have heard, seen and experienced another nation, can you develop an opinion about it and build a positive feeling towards it. Germany is using every method of modern PR warfare, and is now in the position of reaping the fruits of popularity it has sown over the last few decades.

(Picture: inmagine.com)

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